Loudoun Chamber Has Successful 2018 General Assembly Session

Lansdowne, VA – The Loudoun Chamber supported a number of pieces of legislation which were approved by both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly in 2018 and are now pending action by Governor Ralph Northam. The Chamber also took a strong stance against more than twenty bills which would have had a negative impact on the Loudoun economy and statewide.  
Seven pro-education bills were passed, including several that focused on workforce development. A package of legislation carried by Senator Dick Black, Senator Jennifer Wexton, and Delegate Dave LaRock, will allow Loudoun County treasurer Roger Zurn to collect and enforce real and personal property taxes in Loudoun in cooperation with various towns. A bill by Senator David Suetterlein (R-Roanoke) passed with the goal of cutting back on gerrymandering in congressional and state legislative districts. And of course, the Loudoun Chamber is very pleased by the passage of SJ110 by the entire Loudoun County delegation, recognizing the Chamber on its 50th anniversary.
Some of the bills the Loudoun Chamber helped defeat included two pro-meals tax bills which would have taken away the right of voters to directly vote on proposed meals taxes, and seven bills seeking to increase the state minimum wage. Another six bills that would have placed increased employee leave burdens on businesses across the Commonwealth. Two bills would have had potential negative effects for wineries and breweries, and two bills by Delegate Michael Webert (R-Fauquier) would have restricted Loudoun County’s ability to attract professional sports teams to operate here. Numerous other anti-business bills were defeated this year by the General Assembly.
Eric C. Johnson, Government Relations Manager for the Loudoun Chamber, said “Overall the Loudoun Chamber is pleased with the results of the General Assembly when it comes to business related legislation. We appreciate the Loudoun County delegation to the General Assembly hearing our concerns and working with us on many of our priorities. While we are disappointed that the General Assembly has left Richmond without a final budget in place, we will continue to monitor the process and advocate for our legislative priorities.”
Tony Howard, President & CEO of the Loudoun Chamber, said “Virginia has lead the way this legislative session by approving $154 million in permanent funding for metro. This is a major success, and the Loudoun Chamber has been advocating for this result along with many of our regional partners. I appreciate the work put into this agreement by so many of our elected leaders on both sides of the political aisle.”
The Loudoun Chamber will continue to advocate for policies that create and promote a world-class business climate and quality of life in Loudoun County and Virginia. The Chamber will continue our long-standing efforts to ensure that our elected officials, at all levels of government, hear the business community’s perspective on these important issues, and work with the business community to advance pro-business, pro-growth, pro-quality of life solutions for our local, state, regional, and national challenges.