As Loudoun Businesses Endure Continued COVID-19 Restrictions, Loudoun Chamber Launches “Loudoun: Open for Business” Toolkit

Governor Northam delays Northern Virginia’s Phase I reopening until May 29
Lansdowne, VA – The Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Northern Virginia’s largest Chamber, responded to today’s announcement that Governor Ralph Northam will maintain his restrictions on many business and social activities in Northern Virginia by releasing it’s “Loudoun: Open For Business” Tool Kit.
The “Loudoun: Open For Business” Tool Kit was created to help every business in Loudoun County craft their own unique plan for reopening, in alignment with the Governor’s multi-phase approach. This toolkit includes trusted information from the Center for Disease Prevent and Control (CDC), the White House, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and from the private sector organizations, such as The National Restaurant Association and the US Chamber of Commerce.
“The Loudoun Chamber recognizes the significant challenges that Governor Northam and regional leaders face in controlling and eradicating the COVID-19 pandemic. We also know that many of our local workers and businesses are suffering greatly, as unemployment reaches all-time highs and many companies have seen their revenues fall dramatically,” said Loudoun Chamber President & CEO, Tony Howard.  “For some, the ultimate reopening date cannot come soon enough.”
The “Loudoun: Open For Business” Tool Kit focuses on four critical areas that nearly every business must address: protecting their business, workplace and employees, while effectively communicating their plans to their customers and public at large.
“The Loudoun business community is eager not just to enter Phase One reopening, but to get past this crisis and reopen in full. To do so, we need clarity and consistency from our government leaders on the challenges we face and the guidelines required to get back to normal business operations while effectively keeping our workforce, our customers, our suppliers and all visitors safe. That is what a well-thought out reopening plan can do for,” Howard added.
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