Loudoun Chamber supports Western Loudoun County Broadband Grant Application

Letter sent August 19, 2021
To: Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development
600 East Main Street, Suite 300 Richmond, VA 23219
Letter of Support for Loudoun County VATI Last-Mile Application
The Loudoun Chamber, on behalf of the over one thousand businesses we represent in our community and the tens of thousands of business owners and employees that live in Loudoun County, would like to voice our support Loudoun County’s application for funding “last-mile” services to address this critical need in our community.
Today, Loudoun County’s residents, businesses, students, and first responders are at a significant disadvantage based on where in the County they choose to live or serve. Not only do residents in western Loudoun not have access to reliable high-speed broadband and wireless connectivity, but what they do have access to is expensive and at much lower bandwidth than is required for today’s business and public education needs. Nowhere was this more evident than during the pandemic when our outdated networks forced our workers and students out of their homes and into public spaces to do the basic tasks required of them for work and school.
The Chamber also strongly supports a robust, innovative, and digitally connected agricultural and rural economy that keeps Loudoun’s farms and rural businesses viable and productive. This will only be possible through the expansion of private sector broadband services throughout the County.
This grant will ensure that 8,800 homes and tens of thousands of Virginia’s citizens will have access to high quality and affordable broadband. Because the project will provide consistent 100Mbps speeds, our residents will, for the first time ever, be able to meet all the requirements the modern world will require of them from home.
We are grateful for the opportunity through the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative for this “last-mile” grant and for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors that has voted unanimously to match it to ensure the completion of this project.
Grafton deButts
Vice President of Membership & Government Affairs, Loudoun Chamber