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    Two most requested topics:

    Sharpen Your SPEAKability - Increase Your Impact
    - Speaking in public, but needing to cure knocking knees?
    - Going on sales calls, but looking to power up your close?
    ? Presenting to your team, but wanting to persuade more effectively?
    - Communicating lots of words, but wishing for better connections with the audience?
    - Dreaming big, but believing you could deliver your vision with more passion

    This dynamic, interactive, action-packed SPEAK TWEAKS Program guarantees that you will walk out a more powerful and compelling speaker. Quick results!

    Get YOURSELF on TV

    - You have an idea, project or business, but can?t get media attention?
    - You think you would be a good spokesperson for a topic, but don?t get the call?
    - You get the nod for a TV segment, but say, ?YIKES! What do I do now??
    - You were excited to be on the radio, but sounded boring?

    This hyper-interactive, fun-filled, fast-paced workshop gives you insider secrets on how to get you and your business on local TV. You-ll learn what you should do and not do in front of the camera or the microphone, once you get there.

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