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Ever since the privately held company’s founding in 1948, the REHAU brand has been shaped by market needs and its unifying purpose: Engineering Progress. Enhancing Lives. This purpose drives us forward to believe, achieve, and be a leading player in our industries –now and in the future. Our vision is that together we redefine what’s possible every day.
Our ambition has always been to enhance people’s lives around the world by developing innovative polymer-based solutions and services that continue to push the boundaries. We simply want to replace conventional materials with more capable polymers and to create system solutions that generate added value for our customers. By remaining focused on the growing importance of quality, efficiency, and sustainability, our solutions not only help people to be safer, healthier, and more efficient, but also ensure the world they live in remains sustainable for generations to come.
Whether it's modernizing your home with window systems and cabinet doors to bumpers on your daily journey by car that ensure more safety, or smart heating controllers that make life a little easier every day or the practical drinking water dispenser that in the future will make carrying water obsolete and even delivers boiling water at the touch of a button: that's what we mean by enhancing lives.

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Jesse Collins
Theo Haast